• Candice Holliday

Our first Mommy and Daddy trip (without baby Mason)

So I recently surprised Justin with tickets to see the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin, TX. Considering Mason was only going to be 6 months old and that the event was 3 days long and outside, we decided to leave him at home with his grandparents.

This was not easy to comprehend because neither of us had even spent one night away from Mason! We didn’t feel ready (or at least I didn’t) How would he handle being away from both of us? We our parents know how to console him? What if he got sick while we were gone? So many questions ran through our minds.

I as usual, over-prepared his bag. Made sure to pack enough but not too much, especially since both grandparents have washer/dryers and could easily clean his clothes if need be. I made sure to give them guidelines to follow as far as bedtime routines, feeding routines, nap times, and so forth.

To to cope with missing our little one our parents sent us photos and short videos of Mason having a blast, as well as multiple daily updates. (He also was dealing with a bad diaper rash, so we wanted updates on that as well) We also had 2 FaceTime calls with him while we were away which was AMAZING! It lifted our spirits and helped ease our missing him. (a little bit lol!)

We thouroughly enjoyed our little getaway! I enjoyed doing something nice for my husband, as a little thank you for taking care of Mason and I, as well as a thank you for my ability to stay home with Mase as a SAHM. He absolutely loved it.

If you‘re planning on taking a short getaway with your SO, or are thinking about it, go for it! We as parents need breaks sometimes! It’s not going to be easy, but if you can video chat and stay updated through text and photos, you’ll do just fine. Your little one will miss you but we also have a blast getting to bond with grandparents or aunts & uncles, or close friends.

When end we arrived home and Mason realized we were back (he was asleep shortly woke up when we got home) he gave us the biggest grin and laughs we’d ever seen. And at that moment we truly knew how important we were to our baby, and how much he loved and missed us. And it was the best feeling next to the first time I’d laid eyes on him at birth!


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