• Candice Holliday

Mommy and baby road trip—How I survived

I had plans to attend my sister’s baby shower (she’s due in December!) in South Carolina. I planned to go alone so I could help out and because I was terrified at the idea of travelling 3 hours from home with Mason by myself! I can barely make it across town with him alone! But Justin was on call so I had no choice but to bring him.

Sometimes he watches nursery rhyme videos on YouTube so I got a little tablet we don’t use anymore and mounted it to the back of the seat. I also made sure to pack plenty of formula, snacks and toys.

i didn’t sleep well out of anxiety the night before. Mason happened to wake up an hour earlier than usual. I had planned on leaving right before his morning nap so he could sleep on the road. Since he was up I decided to pack up and leave.

I gave ave him his morning bottle, got him ready, and my husband helped me pack the car. I took his pack and play, his walker, our suitcase, his diaper bag, and a bag of toys.

He he slept for a third of the trip. The tablet came in so handy! I stopped after about 2 hours, changed his diaper and gave him a bottle. He watched the videos the rest of the trip. About 30 minutes or so from our destination he started to get fussy. Mostly out of frustration from being in his car seat so long!

But we made it without any bad crying. I was amazed and happy!!

Going home was not as easy. He was up for most of the trip and a bit fussy. I think it was mostly wanting to be out of his car seat. I had to make a few more stops, once to just get him out of the car seat and to walk around. I kind of feel like it helped but also made him not want to be in his seat even more haha. Either way I’m glad I took my time. The last hour he finally went to sleep. He had woken up early but instead of going to sleep he fought it. I was very thankful once he did finally sleep though lol.

There’s really no right way to do a road trip alone with your little one, because baby is going to do what baby is going to do. Just prepare as best as possible make time to stop if baby needs you to. Help them be distracted from being in their seat (with toys or videos if you like) it all came in so handy for me. And next time I want to visit my family I won’t be so afraid of going alone with Mase!


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