• Candice Holliday

Life update: getting sick, diaper rash, and no sleep.

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

The last two weeks Have been so hard. Mason and I were both sick with colds, not sleeping and miserable. It’s one thing for your little one to be sick, but to be ill and having to tend to an infant is no fun at all!

Thankfully we we are both better now. But now Mase has developed this terrible diaper rash. I feel as if I can’t catch a break, and neither can my baby. Sunday was the hardest of days this week because his rash was at its worst. He had been going #2 so much that his poor bottom was very raw, and he would cry anytime we’d change him. (Even when we weren‘t)

This was the hardest thing to deal with. There was nothing I could do to calm him or ease his pain and it made me feel absolutely useless! Justin and were both so frustrated with being unable to soothe him that we began snapping at one another. Regardless we remained a team and continued helping one another change him (it was definitely a two person job!)

I’m so thankful I had him to help me that day. We changed him every time he did the slightest thing in his diaper, kept it loose to allow air in, and applied butt paste extra strength. This diaper rash cream has been a life saver and is definitely my favorite. I really like the thick consistency. It feels like it really covers well and keeps a good barrier between his bottom and his bowel movements. I can’t recommend it enough.

As of Monday, his bottom is still quite red but not as severely as the day before. We go to the Peditrician Tuesday for his 6 month wellness checkup so I can talk to her about his rash. I hope she can give me something to clear it up faster, especially since it has been several days.

I hope we have a while before going through anything like this again. I am thankful Mase has gone sick months without getting sick, I can only hope we go at least another six before it happens again!

Next week my my husband and I go on our first weekend getaway without Mase. I am excited and also extremely nervous about missing him! I’ll definitely be doing another post about the trip and coping with the mom guilt I know that I’ll have (despite knowing it’s okay to take trips without my snuggle bug!)

Thank you for reading this post! How do you handle your little ones getting sick, especially when you’re sick as well?? Also let me know what you’d like to see me post about, I’d love any suggestions!


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