• Candice Holliday

Life in Quarantine: with a toddler

It's been way too long since I've posted and a lot has changed. As I sip my day old coffee I think about how much life is still the same under quarantine. (at least for me) Being a stay at home mom, Mase and I already spend most of our time in the house. But it's quite different choosing to stay home. I am DYING to go on vacation to the beach with my family.

I do feel like being on quarantine is getting to Mason. He is constantly bringing me his shoes (which is his way of saying he wants to go outside) And it breaks my heart that he can't play the same way as before. I can't wait to be able to take him to a playground again!

It has been difficult trying to keep him entertained, I've gone online and bought him some new toys like a tricycle and coloring books (definitely not ready for coloring yet, lol) I've also been using the ABCmouse app to help him learn and play. (he's obsessed with shapes right now!) I feel that giving them a new thing here and there to play and learn with will help them stay excited while spending more time inside.

What are some things you are doing during quarantine, for yourself and the kids?


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