• Candice Holliday

Let's have date night in!

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

These days it proves more and more difficult to have a night out, in fact, it’s virtually impossible. So I recently signed Justin and I up to receive a monthly subscription box called “Date Night In” box.

Every month is has a different theme, this month's theme was "Give Thanks." It focused how to be thankful for our spouse (I'll admit, I forget to do more often than not) but also to be thankful in life. Each month comes with an optional dinner menu, questions to spark in depth conversation (which we need help with sometimes!) games to play and much more.

One thing I really enjoyed from this month’s box was the story of Tripp Halstead. It was a story I’m quite familiar with and tugs at my heartstrings deeply. It came with a small children’s book to donate to a child in need in honor of Tripp. We haven’t donated ours yet, but we plan to soon!

I love the ability to connected with my husband with this box. It pulls us away from our phones and tv screens and allows us the opportunity to connect and interact with one another.

This would also make a really great gift for any friends you may have, and there’s also a kids version for those with old children (Mase isn’t a little too young for this box at 8 months old, I’d love to try it eventually though!)

If you’d like to try it or learn more click here. This is an affiliate link which means if you make a purchase through it I will make a small commission.


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