• Candice Holliday

A few Tidbit Tips for Traveling Internationally with a Baby

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

I know it's been a while since I've posted. So much has been going on since April and has been pretty much non-stop since! We traveled to France for our first International trip with Mason and I couldn't be happier with how things went. I'll be making a post about the trip and what we did soon!But for now, here is a little post about things I learned while preparing for our trip as well as while abroad. I hope you enjoy it!

We recently got back from our two week vacation to France. We spent the first week in Nice and the second in Paris, and what a time we had! I also feel like we learned a lot because it was our first time taking Mason on a plane, and now he has been on six flights! So now that I’m an expert at flying with a baby, lol, I‘ve decided to share some tips to make your future trips as easy as possible.

Something I didn’t know is that if you are traveling with a minor you will always have to check in at the airport, you cannot do it online. So remember to make extra time for that. Also if you can get TSA Pre✔️ or Global Entry (which includes TSA Pre✔️) DO IT. Especially if you plan to travel internationally often. It makes your trip through security so much smoother and faster. Another thing I didn’t know is that if your baby is in a stroller (a Godsend for travel) they will have to be taken out when you go through security every.single.time. Even if they’re sleeping. It shouldn't be a big deal for the baby, whenever Mason was asleep he typically stayed asleep until he got back into the stroller.

Now when it it comes to strollers, my number one recommendation would be the Doona. It’s a stroller/car seat combo and there’s nothing on the market like it! If your child has their own seat on the plane (another thing I’d highly recommend) you can stroll them all the way to the plane, fold it down and place them directly into their seat without ever having to remove them from the Doona. If that’s not reason enough to convince you to get one, I don’t know what will! Side note: the Doona is considered an infant seat so it’s only for babies that are under 35lbs and up to 32in tall. It's also nice if you're jumping in and out of Uber's during your trip (like we were) because you just fold it down, place it in the backseat and use the seatbelt to hold it in place for the duration of the ride! Have I convinced you how much you need this carseat yet, lol?

Another thing I did was pack a lot of snacks I knew Mason liked. Traveling to a new country with a baby can be tough because babies can be very picky. Make sure to pack things you know your little one will enjoy because you never know when they'll decide they're not going to eat something.

Now this is one big mistake I made before heading on our trip. I did pack for the weather, BUT, I made the mistake of forgetting that Paris and Nice are very far apart and have very different weather. Paris is typically much cooler and Nice much warmer, even if the temperatures are similar. Because obviously Paris is in Northern France and Nice is in Southern France. *big eye roll at myself* Because of my mistake we had to buy jackets for ourselves and Mason (because Paris was FREEZING COLD) and we were more prepared for the warm weather in Nice.

So these are my little tidbit tips, lol. I hope it helps you all. I may share more in my post talking about our actual trip. Til next time, have a beautiful day!


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